The TruckWin Solution

Trucking Software with The Uniform System of Transport Cost Accounts built directly into the system. Accurately measure your per-mile costs and develop profitable freight rates while efficiently operating your daily dispatch, freight billing & payroll functions!

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This feature rich system has helped hundreds of trucking companies run and grow successfully around the country.
See our proven solutions!
No competing or off-the-shelf accounting system can match TruckWin. Find out what makes TruckWin so much better.

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You will see how a load flows through the entire system from Dispatch to Billing to General Ledger. We will also review how both employee drivers and owner/operators are paid along with the many reporting options that are offered throughout the different features of TruckWin.

Our Customer's Voice

  • TruckWin system works great for us and has been since 1998—it’s easy to use and works great!

  • We purchased TruckWin in 2004. I love it and now you couldn't get the software away from me.

    Shirley BRECHT TRUCKING, Marion, IA
  • Simply said, we couldn't live without it!!

    Sally JELLIS TRUCKING, Sioux Falls, SD
  • I’ve been using the software for three years and I really like the software a lot. The settlement capability is by far the best I have ever seen!!

    Teresa NOCONA TRANSPORTATION, Wichita Falls, TX

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