Early on, Jerry Noonan worked as an accountant and owner of a truckload carrier. Jerry started his own CPA firm in 1972. His firm specialized in accounting, auditing and taxation of transport carriers. Over time, Jerry realized there was a need for a full dispatch and accounting program for the transportation industry.

In 1987, Jerry established Computerized Management Systems, Inc. Jerry and his team developed a program called TruckCom, which was a DOS based dispatch and accounting system that was built around a uniform system of cost accounts and available transport margins. This software package was capable of generating current, accurate and complete monthly balance sheets and income statements

In 1996 Jerry and his team started development on TruckWin. This product was an upgraded, window friendly, version of TruckCom. In 1997, TruckWin was released and eventually replaced TruckCom. Over the years TruckWin has gone through many versions of upgrades and changes. In 2009 in addition to having a stand-alone software package, Computerized Management Systems added the option of hosting TruckWin on their server.  TruckWin Connect was born and this gave the ability for our clients to access the TruckWin system from any location via the internet.

In 2018 the TruckWin team started development on a true web based software package.  The first phase, TruckTax by TruckWin, was released in 2018.  Document Management and several ELD integrations were introduced in 2019 and released to carriers and brokers. Development continues on the rest of the web based system. In July of 2018, Computerized Management Systems changed its name to Truckwin Solutions.

Truckwin Solutions has been around for 30 years and our clients are a true testament to the quality of our product. We have clients that have been using TruckWin for over 15 years and staff that has been with the company for over 15 and 20 years! We are experts in our industry, let us show you!

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