Berth – Sleeping compartment behind the cab

Bill of Lading – Itemized list of goods in a shipment

Bobtail – Tractor operating without a trailer

Bunk – Sleeping compartment behind the cab

CDL – Commercial drivers license

Common Carrier – A company that will carry freight for any customer

CPM – Cents per mile

Deadhead – A truck moving with no cargo(hauling air)

Doubles – A truck with two trailers

EDI – Electronic Document Interchange

Flatbed – A trailer with no walls

FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAWR – Gross Axle Weight Rating

GCW – Gross Combination Weight

Governor – Device that limits truck’s max speed

Hazmat – Hazardous Materials

Hot Shot – A small truck that generally carries smaller and time sensitive loads

Hours-Of-Service(HOS) – FMCSA mandated work hours

Lessee – A company that pays money to use someone else’s property

Lessor – A company that owns the property someone is paying to use

Long-Haul – Long distance driving

LTL – Less than truckload. Multiple partial loads can be on the same trailer

Owner Operator – Trucker who owns or leases his own truck(s)

OTR – Over the road, long haul trucking

Reefer – Refrigerated trailer

Sleeper – A space behind the truck’s cab

Straight Truck – A truck with the cargo area attached

Tractor – A truck made to pull the trailer

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