The TruckBilling feature allows for seamless freight billing functions that integrate directly with your dispatched loads.  Have your invoices automatically created for you and send them out to your customers with an email directly from the program!

Billing History and numerous Revenue reports come along with the billing system and provide you with historical data and reports to help make sound management decisions.

Completely integrated billing system

Invoices created automatically and general ledger posting with ease….all from this power TruckWin tool

  • Order Entry
  • Accessorial Billing
  • Batch or Individual Invoice Printing
  • Consolidated Billing for Customers
  • PDF Invoices
  • Customer Credit Control
  • Automatic Invoice Numbering

Printing Freight Bills

Consolidated Invoicing


Find your trends and track your history

  • Revenue Reporting
  • Billing History
  • Vendory History
  • RS Subsidiary
  • Open Invoice
  • Cash Flow
  • Invoice Aging
  • Annual 1099
  • Detailed 1099

Customize your billing

From settings to invoices…customize your billing system to fit your company

  • Customizable Invoice Formats
  • Color Coding Paperwork Received
  • Billing Method List
  • Change Customer on a Posted Bill
  • Alternate Payment Addresses for Customers

Inovice for more than just freight

Utilize TruckBilling to invoice your customers for more than just shipments

  • Create invoices for non freight related charges
    • Tires & other misc vehicle expenses
    • Labor
    • Rent

Non-Freight Billing

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