Most companies offer fuel cards, but TruckWin takes it to the next level by integrating your card data directly into the accounting systems and recording the transactions in the General Ledger. The fuel card integration will eliminate the need to manually enter each fuel card purchase or advance. This will improve efficiency and eliminate human error.

Key Functions

  • Fuel purchases will be posted into the Fuel Tax module of Truckwin automatically
  • Track reefer gallons
  • Easy color key to follow for conflicts with downloading
  • Ability to attach fuel purchases and advances to a particular trip
  • Automatically creates driver/lessor deductions when applicable

Import fuel information from the top fuel card companies:

  • TCH
  • CT-Chek
  • Comdata
  • Fleet One/Transplatinum
  • EFS
  • Multiservices
  • Viastar

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