TruckWin Connect reporting will provide owners and managers with current and continual cost/volume/profit data and analysis tools on a per-mile basis to improve performance and develop freight rates that will cover the full cost of transport to include a profit.

Gain the knowledge of your business that you would never have with any other process/system.  TruckWin Connect delivers reports!

Dispatch Reports

Take control of your operations and understand your business with the built in dispatch reports in TruckWin Connect

  • Deleted Trip Report
  • Equipment Status Report
  • Load Summary Report
  • Split Trip Report
  • Pending Trip List
  • Completed Trip List
  • Maintenance Reports by:
    • Tractor
    • Trailor
  • Movement Tracking Reports by:
    • Tractor
    • Trailor
    • Driver

Revenue Reports

Connect provides you with numerous ways to measure your business!

  • Revenue Report by Driver
  • Revenue Report by Dispatcher
  • Revenue Report by Driver and Splits
  • Revenue Report by Tractor
  • Billed Revenue by Invoice
  • Billed Revenue by Invoice/Miles
  • Revenue Report by Salesperson
  • Revenue Report By Tractor With Billing Methods
  • Revenue Per Mile by:
    • Uncompleted Trips
    • Completed Trips
    • Active/Completed Trips

Management Reports

Produce reports to take your business to the next level

  • Trip Pay/Driver Advance Comparison Report
  • Estimated Gross Profit
  • Lessor Summary Report
  • Recent Customer

Inspection Reports

Track historical inspection data with Connect

  • Tractor Inspection Report
  • Trailer Inspection Report

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