Streamline your settlement process with TruckSettlements by TruckWin!  Pay carriers with standard and customizable deductions and reimbursements and print 1099s directly from this feature that is built in and integrated with the other features of the TruckWin program!

Utilize direct deposit and pay your drivers with ease and speed to keep them happy and delivering more goods for you!

Key Functions

  • Owner Operator/Carrier Settlements
  • Driver Advance Settlements
  • Deductions and Reimbursements
  • Standard Deductions
  • 1099 Printing
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Owner Operator/Carrier Aging Report
  • Open Invoice Report
  • Revenue Settlement History
  • Print Payment History
  • Print Trips Payable at a Certain Date
  • Ability to Void Posted Revenue Settlement Check
  • Ability to add 1099 Adjustments
  • Ability to change Lessor/Carrier ID in History
  • Print Labels

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