The features included in TruckDispatch will improve your companies asset utilization, customer service, driver retention and carrier relations while at the same time reducing your deadhead & operating costs.

Entered load data will flow to the other features throughout the program providing you with reduced workload and accurate data!  FTL & LTL load capacities, Maintenance,  Fuel Card integration and IFTA Reporting are just a few of the many features that are included within TruckDispatch by TruckWin!

Key Functions

FTL & LTL capabilities, tractor and trailer maintenance with license tracking, IFTA reporting, fuel card imports, and more are all included in the Dispatch feature of TruckWin Solutions!

  • Order Entry
  • Frequent Orders
  • Load Rate Board
  • Available and Dispatched Load Management
  • LTL Load capability
  • Dispatch Trips
  • Dispatch White Board
  • Pending Board (Available Loads)
  • Color Coding
  • Trip Tracking
  • Movement Tracking Reports
  • Trailer Tracking and Inventory
  • Tractor Tracking and Inventory
  • Delivery Receipt
  • Carrier/Customer Confirmations
  • Trip Mileage and Routing
  • Supports Split Trips
  • Supports Team Drivers
  • Apply Revenue
  • Call In Control Information
  • Maintenance Report (Trailer/Tractor)
  • Revenue Report by Dispatcher and Driver
  • Integrated Driver Advance/Fuel System
  • Ability to Import Fuel Card Purchases
  • Ability to Add Additional Stops and Drops
  • Integrated Mapping *

*Integrates with ProMiles or PCMiler

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