Endeavor Document Management (EDM) can help cut costs by increasing efficiency in your asset based or logistics company. Directly cut paper costs and indirectly cut filing costs by not paying employees to rummage through stacks of papers.

Easy to use and compact, EDM is exclusively integrated with TruckWin CONNECT TMS software.  You can upload and retrieve documents right inside CONNECT!

Eliminate the need to be on-site to access documents. Allow your employees to be able to share documents with ease!

  • Web-Based (PC or Mobile Device)
  • Integration with TruckWin CONNECT TMS
  • Send files directly into your queue

Document Management Pricing

Monthly pre-billed subscription

+One Time Activation Fee


  • 100 gig of space per user account
  • On-demand documents
  • Multiple location storage and backups
  • Ease of mind
  • Web based access from anywhere, anytime, on any device


Make sharing, storing, and finding documents easy. Drivers can send in documents with ease. Documents are stored in a safe encrypted way and backed up to multiple places. Never worry about losing your important documents again!

With document tagging, it is easy to lookup load documents in multiple ways. When a customer calls in asking about a document, you can pull the document up in seconds. Over time as you use the system, the historical storage becomes a life saver for any questions or issues that come up!

This system works great for load documents, but is also great for many other types of documents. Certifications, inspection reports, historical reports, and contracts are just a few of the things our customers save inside of document management.

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