Trucking software with a built in fuel tax program that can transform the way you prepare your IFTA requirements.  TruckWin Connect streamlines fuel and mileage record keeping by providing precise calculations for your tax liability.  IFTA reporting requirements are satisfied and historical data is at your fingertips.

Key Functions

  • Compatible with Mileage Program Integration
  • Fuel Card Import Compatible
  • Customizable State Rate Tables
  • Tractor/State Cross Reference Report
  • Tractor MPG Listing for Fleet
  • Percentage of Mile/Fuel by State
  • Detailed Report by Tractor then State
  • Detailed Report by State then Tractor
  • Fleet Summary by State Report
  • Road Tax Report
  • Station Totals by Tractor Report
  • Analysis of Loaded/Unloaded Miles Report
  • Station Total by State Report
  • Reefer Gallons Report

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