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Is cash flow cramping your business? CarrierNet has very competitive rates and solutions for your cash flow needs. Our “Five Star” customer services representatives will assist you in obtaining credit checks and manage you’re accounts receivable rollover with collection calls. CarrierNet does what we do best so you focus on what you do best -- and that’s keeping your business rolling.
PC*MILER is the routing, mileage and mapping software depended on by today's transportation industry. Accuracy and reliability have positioned PC*MILER as the technology used by over 22,000 leading motor carriers, shippers, and logistics companies around the world. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) rely on PC*MILER as their worldwide distance standard.
For over 20 years ProMiles Software has provided solutions for routing, mapping and IFTA fuel tax reporting to the North American Trucking Industry. We offer applications suited to everyone from the company driver to fleets of any size. Save time planning trips, trim costs by reducing out of route miles, make informed decisions on fuel purchases, save time on paperwork, and save time doing IFTA fuel tax reports. Utilize the time saved and spend it making money. Take all the money you save and put it on your bottom line.
The Transport Carrier Network is a national network of FMCSA pre-qualified transport carriers that advertise parked and en route trailer and truck space for hire at one or more ShipperNet Freight Centers for shippers’ logistics.
Your drivers can use T-Chek's T-Card® to obtain fuel at virtually any truck stop in the United States or Canada, or at stops in a designated fueling network you create. When a driver needs fuel, you can be assured that an accepting location is not far away. Lengthy phone calls with drivers trying to direct them to a fueling location are a thing of the past. Plus, more time is devoted to picking up and delivering freight to improve your bottom line. With a T-Chek fuel card on board, drivers have access to more than 6,000 fueling locations in North America.
The Fuel card gives your company access to a wide network from which to pinpoint low-priced fuel options.
Fuel efficiency can make a significant impact on your fleet management program. Comdata’s fuel management program offers aggressive pricing and purchasing analysis that will help you save money when using fleet gas cards. Comdata also gives you access to an extensive fuel discount network that will help you control fuel expenses and drive savings to your bottom line.
If your business uses cars, vans or trucks, Fleet One Fuel Cards can make your job easier with security, control, convenience and savings. Use the Fleet One Local card to pay for fuel and maintenance. With reduced fraud and more control, the savings add up.
Fleet fuel cards provide fuel management and operational cost-savings to small and large over-the-road trucking companies. Utilize purchasing controls, detailed transaction data, and on-demand fuel management reporting to reduce fleet operating costs.

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